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Card Collation & Packaging Information  
Can I get my cards collated in sets?
Yes. We have a minimum order of 5 cards - 1,000 sets for this process.

How are the cards collated?
You have several options regarding collation. Here are a few examples assuming an order of 10 different cards at 2,000 quantity per card:

Identical Sets/All Cards Collated - This will yield 2,000 sets of cards with 10 cards per pack. All the cards packs will be collated in the same, specified order.
Identical Sets/Partial Collation - Our minimum run for collation is 1,000 packs. This will yield 1,000 sets of cards with 10 cards per pack. All the card packs will be collated in the same, specified order. The uncollated cards will be provided in bulk boxes.
Identical Sets/All Cards Collated - with special card randomly inserted A premium/special card can be inserted in a specific number of packs as determined by the client.
Random Sets - The example of 10 cards @2,000 each will yield 20,000 total cards. These cards can be collated into random sets like traditional sports cards. The number of cards per pack is determined by the client. These 20,000 cards could be split into the following:
2,000 sets of 10 cards/pack
2,500 sets of 8 cards/pack
4,000 sets of 5 cards/pack

Can I add a prize to the pack?
Yes. You can provide us with whatever you want added to the pack, assuming it is flat and will fit in the pack.

What options do I have for the wrap on the cards?
The least expensive option is clear plastic wrap. If desired, the first card in the set can be designed as a header card.

What is a header card?
A header card is the top card of the set which shows through the wrap. It’s like a “cover” for the set. This is a clever way to avoid printing on the wrap material which can be costly and requires very large minimum runs.

Even if you decide to go with a random card collation, you may want to have the same header card in each pack.

Are there other packaging options?
Yes…if you want to do the collating and assembly yourself. Plastic re-sealable team bags or snap tight cases are good, low quantity set options. Both of these items are available at trading card shops.

What is the cost to collate and wrap the cards?
Pricing is dependent on the number of cards per set, the order of the cards (random or identical) and the total number of packaged sets. To give you a rough idea, 10 cards collated into 2,000 identical sets would cost about $1.00 per set. This cost is in addition to the cost of printing and shipping the cards.

How long does it take to get the cards collated and packaged?
Most projects require only a few days after the cards are printed. Including the design and printing time for the cards, the entire process is just under 4 weeks.

I have more questions…
We are here to help you. Call us at 888.372.8702 and ask for our Production Department or email us at Tell us about your project and we’ll help you design the most effective and economical solution. Our hours are Monday through Thursday, 8:30 to 4:30 P.S.T. We are closed Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We will be happy to assist you with any question you may have.

What Do I Need to Place an Order?
A picture for the front of your card (and back too, if you like). Click here to see Photo Requirements.
Choose a design for the front and back. Click here to see the Templates or Gallery.
Complete an Order Form online, or download a printable version here.
You can place your order online (for up to 10 different cards) or you can complete an Order Form and fax to us at 562-415-2689. Email images to
Turn-Around Time
About 3 to 4 days after receipt of your complete order, we’ll email you a PDF proof of your card(s). You will need to review the proof and fax it back to us with approval or changes. Your card will ship about 2 weeks later.
Multiple Card Orders
If you are organizing an order for a group, call us at 888.372.8702 and we’ll give you some helpful hints on how to put the order together in the simplest way.
Card Collation & Packaging
If you like the idea of handing out your cards as sets, we can collate and package your cards for you. Click here for more information.
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